[Trac] [OT] sslwrap

Alain alainm at pobox.com
Mon Aug 29 14:11:13 CDT 2005

We managed to put that to work! We opted for STUNNEL which has more 
documentation and has versions for both Linux and Windows. We are trying 
to figure out how to have multiple certificates and passwords.

The idea is to use Trac standalone as a service and all outside access 
be directed through a tunnel. It sounds safer than the apache approach 
(even that I know that I am no expert here)

Give me a few days more and ask me again,

Robert P. J. Day escreveu:
>   i noticed that the tracd page mentions using "sslwrap" to get https
> support.  i've been looking around for a way to add SSL support to a
> non-SSL-enabled ftp, and was wondering if sslwrap would give that to
> me.
>   if anyone on this list has experience with sslwrap, feel free to
> contact me off-list if you have time to answer a couple of questions.
> thanks.
> rday

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