[Trac] TracTags 0.3.1 out

Alec Thomas trac-list at swapoff.org
Mon Apr 10 10:32:42 CDT 2006

On Mon, Apr 10, 2006 at 10:58:25AM -0400, Muness Alrubaie wrote:
> [tags.ticket]
> #component|severity|keywords|priority|owner|reporter|cc|version|milestone|status|resolution|summary|description
> fields=component,severity,keywords
> You should be able to use this capability to replace - simple - reports.

As an example of how useful this is in conjunction with the expression
language, I configured my Trac environment thus:

    index.args = showcount=false, mincount=2
    expression_space = true

    fields = keywords, component, reporter, cc, priority, severity, owner, version, milestone, status, resolution

(Basically, everything but summary and description)

Then if I want to get a list of all tickets that are marked as
"workflow", but don't have either Alec or athomas associated with them,
I can use something like this:

    == Open Workflow tickets I am ''not'' involved in ==
    [[ListTagged(expression="workflow-(athomas|Alec)-closed", tagspace=ticket)]]

    == Open Workflow tickets I ''am'' involved in ==
    [[ListTagged(expression="workflow+(athomas|Alec)-closed", tagspace=ticket)]]

Pretty cool I think :)

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